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BREAKING: FBI Now Going After Pennsylvania’s 2020 Alternate Electors Who Were Selected in Response to Stolen 2020 Election

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The 2020 Election was stolen from the American people and President Trump.  The FBI and DOJ were complicit when they turned the other way in states like Pennsylvania when crimes were committed. 

In 2020 in Pennsylvania the FBI looked the other way when crimes were committed in Philadelphia as ballots were manufactured to make up for Joe Biden’s 700,000 ballot deficit to President Trump in the state.

In Philadelphia, Americans were physically and forcefully prevented from observing the election process and the FBI looked the other way.

A truck driver reported that he drove a truckload of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania and it disappeared, and the FBI attacked the young whistleblower in response.  Former AG Bill Barr wouldn’t protect the whistleblower as well.

Flashback: Former AG Barr Shut Down Investigations into a Trailer Load of 288,000 Ballots into PA from New York in 2020 Election – Barr Refused to Provide Whistleblower Protection – Now the USPS Won’t Provide Investigation Report – What Gives?

Now PennLive is reporting:

Federal investigators delivered subpoenas or paid visits to several House and Senate Republican offices in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday, according to multiple sources.

At least some of the individuals receiving subpoenas were told they were not targets of an investigation, according to at least six sources reached by PennLive, but that they may have information of interest to the FBI. All of the sources had been briefed on the investigative moves in some way, but demanded anonymity in order to discuss them.

The information being requested centered around U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., and the effort to seek alternate electors as part of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to remain in office after the 2020 election, several sources said.

President Trump was trying to overcome a stolen election for the American people.   This is why he was trying to remain in office.  Joe Biden created hundreds of thousands of ballots after the 2020 Election to steal Pennsylvania.   This was needed to overcome President Trump’s massive win.

Now the FBI is after Americans who were trying to legally overcome the stolen 2020 Election.  This is tyranny.  The communist fascists are in charge.

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